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For 80 years, we’ve created commercial-grade environmental controls proven to work. Anden products are built for cultivation with materials proven to perform in extreme conditions.

At capacities up to 710 pints per day, our dehumidifiers are the only products on the market specifically designed to pull moisture out of the air at lower temperatures.



Cultivators like you face three significant climate obstacles when attempting to harvest high-quality, high-yield crops – temperature, humidity and air flow.



Without the proper grow room equipment, it becomes increasingly difficult to maximize your yield. Factors such as air leakage, ventilation, heat radiation, solar gain and even outdoor temperature can impact your business.


The biggest challenge facing indoor cultivators is controlling of grow room humidity. Yields are particularly sensitive to humidity swings. In fact, 97% of the water dispensed to plants ends up in the air. Is your grow room properly equipped?

Air Circulation

Maintaining proper airflow will help carry moisture away from plants. If moisture collects on the leaves for too long, your crop will be at risk of bud rot, mildew, mold, pests, and more. Prevent disasters from impacting your investment.


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