ShopNPop DC Weed Delivery

ShopNPop DC Weed Delivery

by Diamond Lovelace

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ShopNPop DC Weed Delivery

We remember the days of going to sketchy pop-ups held in random locations across the city and being forced to jump through long verification hoops just to get your gifts. Fast forward to 2021, we opened the doors of our own store and began to bring you a new way of gifting you your quality gifts fast, safe, and effortless... HI👋GH. Your right where you need to be 🗣💨 We Offer 3 Safe & Easy Options 1. Reliable Delivery 2. Fast Curbside pickup 3. Easy In store pick up. We understand your time is precious & we make it our mission to provide the fastest, most reliable service in DC. We are initiative 71 complaint & excel in all 3 of these options. It’s Easy just come & see.


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1361 Florida Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002
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Diamond Lovelace

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Diamond Lovelace

ShopNPop DC Weed Delivery is an initiative 71 complaint business in the heart of Washington DC. We pride ourselves on bringing you the finest cannabis gifts including flower, edibles, concentrates and more!

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