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Luna Cultivation Consultants

Luna Cultivation is a lighting representative experienced with serving the needs of growers throughout North America.  We have partnered with agents throughout the United States to ensure that growers everywhere have access to fully vetted lighting solutions.

Lighting Solutions:

  • Traditional
    • HPS
    • CMH
  • LED Lighting
    • Clone Solutions
    • Veg/Mother Solutions
    • Flower Solutions
      • Mixed Spectrum
      • E Par - UV/Far Red
  • Replacement Lamps
    • HPS
    • CMH


  • CABA
  • Iluminar
  • Grow Ray
  • Dazor 
  • Volt
  • Evio

We also offer lighting for dispensaries, parking lots and office areas.

Let us be your one stop shop for your facilities lighting.

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