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Edgefinity IoT

by Phil Andrianos

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Edgefinity IoT

Edgefinity IoT is an RFID platform that empowers cannabis growers to track inventory, equipment and marijuana plant growth from seed to sale. With Edgefinity IoT, cannabis growers can improve supply chain efficiency, boost traceability, and ensure compliance.

CYBRA’s RFID tracking software enables growers to quickly retrieve records and match products to customers and dispensaries. With information at a moment’s notice, growers are always be prepared for an audit or a mandatory or voluntary recall.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the solutions CYBRA provides:

Tag and Track Inventory, Cannabis Plants, and Equipment – With CYBRA, cannabis growers can create RFID tags and labels for mother plants, clone trays, plant bags, bucket labels, and product labels. Print tags and labels on demand to save time and money.

Cannabis Supply Chain Recall Management – With Edgefinity IoT, Your team can automatically capture information across your supply chain and facilities. With the scan of an RFID reader, data is fed to Edgefinity IoT, which can then pass it to appropriate team members, or store the data for review.

Cannabis Tracking Documentation and Recording – Completely document the chain of custody of all marijuana and marijuana products throughout your supply chain. From seed to sale, Edgefinity IoT gives cannabis growers the ability to record and review every aspect within their operations.

Quick Compliance – Protect your license, company and investment. CYBRA’s RFID tracking system allows cannabis growers to instantly respond to unannounced compliance audits.

Queries and Reports – CYBRA’s cannabis tracking system contains both an interactive query function, and a mandated log report generation capability. Create dried flowers logs, batch records, lot worksheets, and extraction records.

Deploy Work in Process – Proper usage and put away of equipment is vital in successful WIP (Work in Process) methodologies. Edgefinity IoT helps cannabis growers locate assets, track equipment storage, and monitor usage.

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Phil Andrianos

I am the marketing director for CYBRA. We are developers of barcoding and RFID tracking software for cannabis growers.

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