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Budget Greens

Magic mushrooms have paved their way into people's everyday life and are here to stay! Are you looking for the best-quality shroom edibles? The shroom chocolate bars by Budget Greens are the perfect solution to your shroom cravings. Infused with the magical properties of Golden Teacher mushrooms, these psilocybin bars will take you on a wonderful trip. Often used as a gateway shroom for beginners, people use it for their shamanic and spiritual effects. With a balanced potent and flavour, these bars are perfect for providing flexible microdosing methods. Buy the amazing chocolate shroom bar and unlock its magical powers for enjoyment and fun!

Want to gorg on a delicious and high chocolate bar? Try out the amazing fun guy chocolate bar at Budget Greens. One of the tastiest and easiest ways to enjoy psilocybin mushrooms, this crunchy chocolate taste will leave you wanting more. Tired of regular chocolate flavour? Dive into absolute euphoria with amazing flavours like dark chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, mint chocolate, and milk chocolate. Have one and find yourself in a relaxed state of mind. If you are yet to try Budget Greens already, what's the wait for? Immerse yourself into the world of euphoria, fun, and excitement today! Get 20% off on your first order and free shipping on eligible orders.


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Budget Greens is your one-stop destination for buying the best quality weed at a very affordable price online. We specialize in all types of shrooms products and you will find an excellent selection of strains with us.

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