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Bradford Wellness Co.

Bradford Wellness Co.

About Bradford Wellness Co.

Our journey began as a family growing up on a farm while running a small town family medical practice.

Today, that farm and the practice are still 100% family owned and operated.

We’ve lived off of the land for generations, and we’ve practiced homeopathic medicine for our family and our local community.

It’s been SO rewarding to see people be healthy and happy, and play a small part in their lives throughout the generations.

Over the years of practicing holistic medicine and organic farming as a family we have begun to notice how the world of medicine and farming is changing.

It is taking a turn towards preventative, natural methods that are healthy for people and the environment.

The Bradford Wellness Company is nestled into what may seem to be a fad in homeopathic solutions, but we have generations of experience in clean, healthy living, nutrition and medicine.

So we have decided to be a part of that change so that we can all TAKE BACK OUR HEALTH with a little help from nature again.

That being said, we are more than just a cannabis store, we are passionate about helping people live their best lives.

That means we support YOU whether you want to spend more time with your grandkids or if you want to strap on a pack and have the adventure of a lifetime.

Our passion is simply walking with you on a journey to live life, be happy, healthy and pain free.

We believe in proven solutions, not just treating symptoms with pharmaceuticals.

We also believe in spreading awareness about homeopathy, medicine, and nutrition.

We’ve seen many patients save money by transitioning to a homeopathic approach to healthcare.

Normally this looks like less frequent doctor visits and less money spent at the pharmacy.

And one of the unintended side-effects of the Homeopathic approach is that the knowledge gap between doctors/pharmacists and patients is much smaller.

That means less guesswork to figure out what medicine or supplements to take.

This has all been very rewarding and encourages us to keep doing what we’re doing.

Visit us to gain more knowledge and make new friends in the wellness space.

Life, Health, and Happiness to You.


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508 Harley St D, Scottsboro, AL 35768
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