AirMed Seed-to-Sale Business Solutions

AirMed Seed-to-Sale Business Solutions

by Justin Hearn

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AirMed Seed-to-Sale Business Solutions

AirMed is a turn-key software platform designed to facilitate compliance and best practices in the cannabis industry. Covering all aspects of cannabis cultivation, processing, sale and distribution, AirMed is a complete seed-to-sale business management solution. We help you meet compliance at every stage of the seed-to-sale process, but we also help you cultivate quality, efficiency, precision, insight and profitability. AirMed is the only business solution you need in the office, the greenhouse and on the loading dock to meet compliance while improving your processes to create the highest quality products. We believe that building a culture of quality is an important part of our customers' success. That has been our driving force since we started AirMed in 2014. This commitment to quality is why a growing list of cultivators, nurseries, processors, manufacturers and dispensaries use AirMed. Continuously innovating, our goal is to help you succeed by cultivating excellence in all aspects of your operation, regardless of the size or focus of your business. We provide the tools you need to boost efficiency and improve quality while reducing risks. The result? Increased operational profitability that can be used to expand production or invest in other areas of your business.


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Justin Hearn

President of AirMed Canada Systems Inc.